Court reporting where you are—Anywhere you are

Experienced, professional court reporting

Our court reporters are highly skilled and experienced in a variety of practice areas. We have court reporters located worldwide, equipped for reporting with the latest technology.

Transcripts—In Real Time

Real time transcription enables you to read, search and annotate testimony as it happens. This real-time reporting technology takes stenographic notes and expands them into digitized English that is ready for reading, searching, and marking. Our experienced reporters take care of all the details so you can leave your deposition with a copy of the transcript in hand. Be more productive during each deposition with real-time transcription.

Remote Deposition Support

Our remote deposition technology support enables you to attend a deposition anywhere in the world, along with video conferencing, digital exhibit presentations, and streaming video and text. Remote technology means lower costs, less downtime due to travel, and more access to clients and experts, no matter where they are.

Interpretation Services

What good is worldwide access unless you know the language? Our interpretation and translation services encompass a broad range of languages, handling translation and interpretation for legal, medical, and technical terminology. Our worldwide experts can help you handle any language task from client meetings, medical appointments, or insurance investigations, to depositions, hearings, trials, and more.

Conference Rooms

Short on space? Utilize our conference rooms for your next deposition! We have everything you need for video capture, streaming, and video conferencing during your next deposition, arbitration or mediation.

Dedicated Case Management

Our case management service allows you to spend less time handling details and more time doing what’s important. From scheduling, locations, and technical assistance, to fulfilling detailed requirements for international cases, our concierge-level case managers do it all so you can focus on your job.