Complex Litigation Needs

Our specially trained case managers, court reporters and videographers are equipped to handle the needs of complex cases, such as class-action, intellectual property, negligence, medical malpractice, and construction cases, as well as arbitration and mediation. From scheduling to IT support, to fully searchable online video, we have you covered.

Class-Action and MDL Cases

Class action and MDL litigation cases present specific organizational issues. These cases involve a large number of depositions and multiple locations and venues, including international locations. You need exceptional court reporting and case management to remain efficient and organized on these cases. We have assets located nationwide, so we can be wherever you are.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases require specialized training to understand and use the correct medical terminology. We use individuals specially trained in medical malpractice cases to help keep you organized and ready for what’s next. All our technical, chat, and video conferencing services are highly secure to meet HIPPA standards.


Negligence cases are highly individualized; every one has different needs and requirements. We can help you coordinate and communicate with different parties across the country so that everyone in your case is on the same page.

Intellectual Property Litigation

IP litigation and patent cases come with needs that require unique skill sets. Our trained case managers are familiar with the needs and demands of these cases and can help your team stay organized and on top of your case with global deposition reach, deposition scheduling and planning, court reporters who specialize in highly-technical IP deposition, and in-house interpreters and translators.

Construction Litigation

Another highly specialized field, construction litigation requires a skilled staff, organization of a large amount of art and exhibits. Our digital exhibits cloud and highly trained staff will make sure that you succeed.

International Depositions

The law gets much more complicated as you cross international boundaries, but with the right support it can be simple. We offer logistics and protocol support, from handling exhibits to transcript formatting, swearing in witnesses, and deposition etiquette.

Mediation and Arbitration

Arbitration and mediation call for unique needs when it comes to your space. When you need a fully stocked meeting space with snacks, catered meals, and early morning, late-night or weekend access, and complete on-site production capabilities including video teleconferencing, we can help.

Our seamless case management and experienced reporters provide consistency throughout your case, while our digital solutions for deposing and retaining exhibits increases your efficiency and ability to access information throughout.