Seeing is Believing

Video Depositions

The interpretation of a message by the human brain is 7 percent verbal, 38 percent vocal, and 55 percent visual—93 percent of communication is through nonverbal means. That makes video testimony an essential part of any deposition. Every pause, glance, sigh, and vocal intonation is captured for your team to review, analyze and interpret. You just can’t do that with a transcript.

We provide broadcast-quality video, live video streaming, and video production services. Video streaming capabilities mean that remote attendees can view your deposition on a computer or mobile device over a secure connection.

Our videography team provides you with broadcast-quality video in HD, using high-gain microphones so that the smallest sound and movements are captured accurately. You’ll received the finished, edited video in your preferred format in digital or hard copies.

Transcript Synching

Video transcript synching can save you and your team time and effort by synchronizing the  completed audio transcript with the video deposition. The text appears on screen with the speaker, and it’s searchable to help you find any place in the recorded testimony. Create snippets for presentation or use the search features for additional research.

Live Video Streaming

With our secure, live video streaming services, you can allow multiple attendees in different locations to view proceedings on any Internet-enabled device. Integrated chat channels let your attorneys collaborate securely as they watch.

Video Conferencing

Our video conferencing services enable attorneys and staff who need to participate in a deposition many different options. Portable video conferencing allows you access to depositions without traveling, review documents during video conferencing, online video review, and a greater cost efficiency over traditional video conferencing.

Additional Video Services to Fit Your Needs

Our services don’t stop at streaming. We can produce a variety of video products to meet your needs, including video editing, text and video synching, day-in-the-life and other production services.