Technology Means Options

Get it Done with Digital

Smart use of technology helps you save time and money, reaching clients and working smarter with real-time transcripts and video conferencing capabilities.

Our technology solutions help you manage documents, exhibits, and scheduling.

Deposition Manager

Our deposition management portal allows you to manage the entire scheduling process from any Internet-enabled device. Schedule depositions, attach notices, and receive confirmations easily. You can also create shared calendars and access frequently used contacts so you don’t waste time looking up information or retyping it multiple times. Plus, you can view, search and download transcripts instantly.

Our deposition management technology also allows you to edit and share video clips with other team members. You can search across multiple depositions and share in most video formats so your presentations make an impact.

VTC Deposition and Conferencing

VTC deposition capability means you can depose anyone, anywhere, as easily as a face-to-face session. Make use of digital exhibits, real-time transcription, and live video streaming, all on a highly secure platform suitable for the most sensitive proceedings. Our fully interactive, multiple-party platform connects you and your clients and staff securely over your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Our video conferencing technology can help you with more than just depositions. Meet with witnesses and help them prepare from anywhere. You can fully interact with anyone over our secure connection while saving time and money on travel costs and inconveniences.

Digital Exhibit Cloud

Apollo Depo’s Digital Exhibit Cloud gives you access to your full library of exhibits, anytime, anywhere. Upload documents prior to or during your deposition, and access, introduce and mark them from anywhere, no matter what device you’re using.